Launch of The Art of Intelligence Digest

The AoI Digest: a small step toward finding a path to success and personal wealth.

About the Digest

These are times of transition, and times of transition are usually difficult. It is hard to know, as we get older and face the second half of life, how best to manage change. It is getting harder and harder to make changes even while they are being forced upon us. And worse, the personal requirements come as the whole world seems in flux: humans are still growing in number and the environment of the planet is under stress; our cultures and societies are under polarizing; our family and community groups have fractured. In the midst of these pressures come more and more technological developments, lead by Artificial Intelligence and all that it inspires, impacting deeper and deeper into all aspects of our lives. And we are just at the beginning.

How do we manage? The midpoint of life seems nicely perched at the center of maximal responsibilities: children, aging parents, financial obligations, career pressures, and on and on. It is hard to find time in this maelstrom to even think or plan for the future when the ‘now’ takes everything and asks for more. Gone is the promise of youth and a wide-open future, where one’s potential is always there to answer the question: where is success? Now, as retirement and end days loom taller and taller before us, and the runway to take flight shortens faster and more relentlessly than one could have ever believed, we must respond. Quick and decisive action seems necessary, but what? And how?

Our intelligence is our best and last tool to navigate rocky times. It is our means of adaptation. It is the way to creative solutions, just-in-time learning, critical skill development, developing and strengthening social connections, solving problems, devising strategies, and responding to emerging dangers. This is the time of intelligence. The machines will make sure of this. We, as those that have seen a thing or two (and survived so far), are not naive enough to believe things just work out. We are no longer complacent enough to trust that personal evolution, without intervention, will adapt as fast as the world. The problems we face require our attention; they require our cleverness; they require well-considered resolve.

The Art of Intelligence Digest hopes to help. It is one part a larger effort to gather together a collection of the best ideas, resources, tools, and people to make success, in the fullest sense of the word, a possibility for those committed to leaving nothing more to chance than is necessary. It is a guide to taking one small step.

Thought of the Week

For most of history acquiring and controlling valuable knowledge was essential to success. Today, the knowledge for mastery of every possible pursuit is freely available to everyone. Now the struggle is to sift through the mountain of wisdom all around us and learn how to execute it. The finite limit of our time and attention are our greatest limitations to manifest success.