Web Development Services


Semandra provides full end-to-end web development services, including design and technical support. We can build and deploy new sites, or upgrade existing ones through redesigns, CMS migrations, or by adding specialized features. The web applications and websites we work on are developed according to web standards and industry best practices, and we can meet the needs of most small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

Specific services we can offer as part of web development:

Project planning and management

  • Business analysis and needs assessments
  • Audience profiling and web marketing plans
  • Information design
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design

Technical Services

  • Domain registration and website hosting
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) development and deployment (i.e. WordPress, Drupal)
  • Feature and interface coding (JavaScript, PHP)
  • Data backups, Software updates, and security

Site Design (Content Development and Graphic Design)

  • Blogs, photo galleries, calendars, booking services, carousels, Google maps
  • Visual identity (match existing, new identity)
  • Graphic design and CMS theme development (WordPress, Drupal)
  • Special content: illustration, maps, photography, animations, video, visualizations, logos

Social Media, SEO and Analytics

  • Content editing and evaluation for SEO optimization
  • Traffic and visitor reports and analysis
  • Semantic microformat tagging of content
  • Social media integration: ¬†Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, etc.
  • Add specialty API services like PayPal, Amazon, Google

Website Applications

Advanced Interfaces and data access

A web application provides more functionality than a website, which primarily displays content and has only basic interactions. We can program client-side applications that have complex user interfaces and connect to static or dynamic content, as part of visualizations or for content management.