Web-Media Services

In addition to full website development, Semandra can provide support services for the creation of media resources for websites and mobile apps. We’re happy to play a supporting role and provide specialized creative and technical assistance on larger projects.


Data Visualizations and Infographics

  • Analysis and visual presentation, either as static images or interactive apps.
  • Graphics, graphs, maps, and text to tell a story in a single image

Custom WordPress and Drupal Themes

  • Flexible designs, custom design, special features

Maps and Illustrations

  • Functional (like Google maps) or artistic rendering
  • Optimized web graphics and photos, including SVG images
  • Photo editing and special effects

Web Video and Animations

  • Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Web optimized for size and usability, using video assets we create, or those provided by the client

Website and Mobile Icons

  • Logos, icons, favicons, mobile icons – for use on websites or in mobile apps

Online Forms

  • Programming custom web features and embedded applications